Think ice cream
meets shaved ice.

Founders Mimi Hanley & David Chung


After struggling to find Taiwanese-style shaved snow in San Francisco, friends David Chung and Mimi Hanley decided to bring it to the Bay Area themselves. Born out of a love of shaved snow, POWDER is a modern take on the age-old Taiwanese dessert.

Chung and Hanley spent years learning the art of Taiwanese-style shaved snow with the goal of sharing the traditional delicacy with a wider audience. POWDER blends traditional Taiwanese techniques with California style, offering a curated menu of global flavors and premium ingredients.



We make every effort to procure all of our premium ingredients from their source, and in a responsible way. Our organic dairy comes from the happy cows at Straus Family Creamery.


We develop all of our own recipes and make all of our snow in-house! Each snow batch is made by our hands in our shop and frozen to perfection over several hours… like 7… good things come to those who wait…?


We love sharing the shaved snow story, so it’s important to us to explain the roots of our shaved snow and ensure each “Snowmie” (Snow Homie) has the best possible experience.


Whether you're throwing a company picnic, celebrating a wedding, or hosting a holiday party, Powder can make your gathering even sweeter. Please fill out this form and we'll get back to you soon!